IEP Speed & Power

Improve Speed & Power to maximize Performance.


Built around the foundations of the Tier Training System, this program is for Tactical Athletes looking to improve speed & power while maintaining strength and capacity for optimal job-readiness and on-demand performance.


This is a 10-week program consisting of 6 workouts each week. Each workout is progressive and intentional.

  • IEP Speed & Power Guide

  • Workout Program

  • Workout Instructions

  • Exercise Demo Videos

  • Bonus Material


IEP Programming

We have carefully organized the programming to ensure maximum effectiveness, efficiency, safety, recovery, and RESULTS.

Easy To Follow

Workouts & Exercise Demos

The exercises and movements for each day are hyperlinked to brief and easy-to-follow videos that demonstrate how each exercise should be performed.


We're Here To Help

Our team of professionals is here to help. You can contact us at [email protected] for any questions or challenges you may have along the way.

We’ve carefully designed and mapped out this comprehensive program so it’s easy to follow and effective. This program comes complete with an IEP Speed & Power Guide, workout blueprints, exercise demonstration videos, and bonus material, this program is for the athlete who is serious about real results.

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